Books, publications and more...


Purple Graphic Design has extensive experience in all kinds of multi-page projects
from programs, product catalogs and magazines on up to paperback and hard-bound books!

Whether you are an author or publisher, or a business owner who needs to showcase

your products or share company news, we can help.

Check out the categories and slideshows below.


BOOKS: Covers, Jackets & Insides too!

Working from an author’s copy and images, or completely from scratch,
we have produced covers, jackets and pages for hard cover and paperback books alike.
From simple to over-the-top, our creative talents get a real workout!
Back in the early days, we even experienced keying in a 300+ page book from a
“typewritten” manuscript. Let’s hear it for Microsoft  Word!
Since 1995 we’ve worked with sportswriter Louie Stout, designing 2 books for
bass-fishing legend Kevin Van Dam: Bass STRATEGIES and Secrets of a Champion.
In early 2010 we created a new cover, added new photos and added hot new fishing tips
to Bass STRATEGIES Revised Edition.
We have also designed jewel case covers and disc labeling for books on CD/DVD.


Again this year, we continue to work with The Venice Symphony on their concert programs.
Featuring Concert Notes, Contributor Listings and stories about their talented musicians,
the programs are supported by advertising from area businesses.

For many years we've also assisted with Venice Theatre’s MainStage SHOWNOTES!
Featuring editorial pages about the Theatre’s venues and  behind-the-scenes staff stories,
SHOWNOTES is one of our favorite annual projects.
For the last few years, working alongside Rhonda Sudik, the theatre’s Publication Director,
we’ve managed the collection and creation of ads. 


Judy Purple’s FIRST commercial design job was as a  catalog designer
- back in the days of traditional paste-ups!
Gosh we  were excited when the boss bought a scanner!
Over the years we’ve used those skills to produce product catalogs, newsletters and
monthly magazines such as Discount Digest, Venice Gulf Coast Living and Florida Marine Times.
Projects like these require a high level of  organization, an eye for detail and strict attention to deadlines!
Typically short production cycles make these projects fast-paced to say the least!
In addition, we designed many of the ads for the magazines shown here,
working from client-supplied graphics and  copy. 


Built from actual food photos or stock images, menus are always fun!

Menus can be as simple as a single-fold letter size like Big Olaf, 

or an over-sized tri-fold like BrewHouse.