A picture is worth a thousand words...great pictures even MORE!


Certainly digital photos have made every designer’s life easier and more productive.
Purple Graphic Design has lots of experience photographing products and people, in our studio and on location.
And our Photoshop experience allow us to transform ordinary photos into, well, extraordinary images!

Each section below features general information along with project images 

which can be viewed as a slideshow...just click!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Products, People & Places

We just love to shoot photos - in our studio or on location!
Our experience includes product shots for web and print, group and individual photos
for publicity of all kinds, actors’ headshots, interior design locations for portfolios,
programs and design competitions, construction sites and
finished buildings for contest entries and much more.

PHOTOSHOP : Retouching & Effects & COLLAGES

Using our Photoshop bag of tricks, the possibilities for
retouching and adding effects to photos are virtually endless.
From basic color correction and retouching to removing unwanted backgrounds or
adding dazzling special effects, we can turn an ordinary image into a show stopper!
Particularly effective for “finishing” an image to make a  publication deadline
(like the IDS Showhouse and McClain’s Old Florida Gourmet’s new location),
Photoshop lets us do just about anything.
It's our job to make you look good and we love doing it!

By creating vector-outlined clipping paths on product photos,
we can select just the image itself with crisp, clean edges.
Then we can create  amazing product collages by placing your products on ANY background.
Useful for both signage and graphics for your website, collages are
a great way to display your complete line of products.
The same technique works for people too - in case someone misses the staff photo shoot! 


From Fall 2000 through Spring 2011 we shot literally thousands of photos for Venice Theatre’s Archives.
Shot usually AFTER a performance, scenes are re-created on stage
...with actual lighting, vibrant costumes and amazing acting...
giving us the opportunity to freeze the action and capture the moment.
Included is a selection of our FAVORITES!

Scroll down to download and view our portfolio of photos 

from the AACT International Festival 2010 held at Venice Theatre


In June, 2010, Venice Theatre hosted the AACT International
Festival and offered us the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to
shoot archive photos during LIVE performances by visiting
theatre groups from around the world. Performing in their 

native languages, these talented actors and musicians
wowed audiences with every show!
The result was FIVE CD’s packed with amazing photos.  
As we were shooting without a flash, most often from a
spotlight booth high above the stage, many images
have interesting motion blurs. 

Download the .pdf below to view a selection of images from The Festival in Paradise, 

including performances, AfterGlow parties and the awards banquet.

For personal viewing only please, not for reproduction.